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IMGP0067 (Large).JPG
265 views1 comments05/07/07 at 02:30TC 17888: Cute Pug.
Toyo tires469 views3 comments04/17/07 at 23:34dirkbrock: Freakin' awesome!!!! I am going to go to the &quo...
Alans Bike493 views1 comments03/12/07 at 02:50colin manion: Classic Chevy motor
612 views1 comments03/05/07 at 02:56fiddle mike: Nice work! Great looking Valk.
EEZZZ Rider in front from Indiana and Black Dog in back from Wisconsin at InZane 4... crossing up457 views1 comments10/29/06 at 17:34Backwoodsman: Seem cool!
Enroute006 (Small).JPG
Enroute006259 views1 comments10/08/06 at 21:41Backwoodsman: cool !!! freedom!!!
Stewart BC221 views1 comments09/08/06 at 17:12Backwoodsman: It's really, really Great!!! Hello from Russia =))
topdogweb w angel.jpg
Ready to Ride4671 views8 comments09/03/06 at 07:28Flamer: Did you see the 5th wheel on that
Toyo tires469 views3 comments06/24/06 at 02:43jody: how does this tire handle,and what tire are you us...
219 views1 comments06/11/06 at 13:23Doug: Where can I get these hanger covers?
Chrome Engine Hanger Covers474 views2 comments06/11/06 at 13:15Doug: Where can I get these?
Sofrino Manufacture.jpg
452 views1 comments06/04/06 at 15:39Texas Ranger: Nice looking bike and CUTE wife!! Thanks for the p...
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