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With the rollout of our new Just Pics photo album we realize that there will be a learning curve in getting everyone up to speed. Its a totally new process with lots of new features. With this new photo album we have opened up registration so you can register, login, and share your photo's with the rest of the VRCC members. The days of the old static Just Pics is over and we'll rely on you to keep it stocked up with pics!

What it is and what it isn't

Just Pics is a place for you to share your pics so other people can enjoy them. However Just Pics is not meant to be your personal photo album on the web. We love to see pics of your lastest adventures on the Valk, or cool modifications you've made but we just can't host all 200 pics of your daughters birthday party. What we are saying is, there are limits. The file limits are set at 200kb per photo, and all your photos added up are limited to 2mb. If you have photo's of a major event(Inzane for example) you want to share, let us know and we'll setup a special album for you to add your photos.

Tutorial Links

Since all this is knew, we've created some tutorials to help you get started. We've intentionally made these tutorials as simple as possible hoping to avoid an rush of support emails. If you've follows the tutorials step by step and are completely stumped, feel free to send us an email at supportstaff@f6rider.com.

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